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22" All-Aluminum Dobsonian on an Aluminum Platform

  • Rocker box and mirror box are made of 1"x3" and 1"x4" rectangular aluminum box with 1/8" wall. All parts have been welded together, sanded smooth and powder coated for a seamless appearance.
  • Tight covers fit on the front and back of the mirror box, so the mirror can be transported in its cell with full confidence. A large handle makes the cell easy to carry.
  • The side bearings are easily removable for transportation.
  • The cell uses an innovative adjustable double sling to support the mirror. This eliminates any sideways movement of the mirror as the Platform slightly tilts the Dobsonian structure through its tracking run.
  • Sky Commander is used with the telescope for Go-To finding and tracking of objects. Here is how it works. Punch in the object you want from the 10,000 item database. Move the telescope until the azimuth and altitude readings "zero-out." Center the object in the eyepiece and the tracking of the Platform will keep it there as long as you want. You can find things faster and more quietly than with a loud mechanical go-to system. And with the Equatorial Platform doing the tracking, there is no field rotation as with an alt/az setup. You can take long exposures images, as well as do extended visual viewing of an object.
  • A Night Owl Shroud was purchased to help darken the field, but especially to protect the exposed mirror during star parties. Heavy duty snaps were installed at the bottom of the shroud so that it could be securely fastened to the mirror box.